5 Questions with Jesse Bruce

Jesse Bruce

Partner/ Programming Director at One Academy

Address: 858 Eastern Ave, Toronto On

M4C 1A1

Website:   Oneacademylife.com

This is a new feature where we at Rise & Grind interview the people that make our team so successful.

I met Jesse through a friend and was immediately impressed with his outlook on life; it was very similar to my own.

Jesse,  had a challenging road but, as you’ll see, he is an optimist.  He’s honest, passionate, caring and as authentic as they come. These are the same characteristics that I and the people of Rise & Grind try to emulate in our day to day lives.

So without further ado here are 5 Q&A’s with Jesse Bruce;

  1. What life changing event would you say defined you?

The most life changing events that shaped me, I would say, were conquering my addiction to drugs and overcoming a severe, almost life-ending depression.  I’ll never forget how it feels to be in such a hopeless, dark, weak, sad place. It gives me a different outlook on life and fills me with the belief that anyone can overcome anything no matter how dark it seems.  My past allows me to have a special empathy towards others who are struggling and a special connection. This allows me to give back and share and hopefully inspire hope in someone else’s life.

  1. Do you have a mantra or saying that helps you during training or in life when facing difficult times?

NEVER EVER STOP FIGHTING!!!  Every finish line you cross and every challenge you overcome changes you and makes you a different, stronger person. No matter how dark and painful it may be seem there’s always a finish line.

  1. What are you are most proud of?

I am proud of my 6 years sober, I am proud of the multiple obstacle course races and running race podiums I have stood on.  I am proud of going back to school and finishing college and then actually attending university. I am proud that I have worked hard for years to be able to work with such an incredible hardworking team. I am proud that I built a place where all kinds of people are included, welcomed, encouraged, and supported to get to the top of whatever mountains they’re climbing.  I am proud that I am representing my mom and dad and doing some positive things

  1. What would you tell a younger version of you?

I would tell him to keep his head up. You’re going to make mistakes and go through a lot of pain but it won’t be wasted and you will make good with it. So don’t freakin’ give up.

  1. Last question, Jess. What are you most looking forward to in 2018 besides working with Rise & Grind :)

Haha, well… working with Rise & Grind is up there because I love it! But I am also looking forward to the growth of One Academy and watching members conquer either their first mountain or their highest mountain.  Hopefully getting some of my best results ever at events around the world.

      Thank you so much for your time Jesse!

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