How Collagen is "De-Bunking" the Connection Between Meat and Type II Diabetes

There has been a new surge from the vegetarian and vegan communities urging people to reduce their consumption of red meat because of its possible links to diabetes. Though some researchers have found some connections between the two, the consensus is still out.

Unfortunately, Diabetes is a real issue throughout North America and much of the developed world due to the massive increase in sugar-filled diets and the reliance on fast food to satisfy every meal. This is why many consumers are scared of any news that their seemingly health conscious choices of red meat would have any link to this disease.

Well, they might not have to fear as much as they once thought.

A recent study has found that the link between red meat and diabetes was related to certain key markers that, when accounted for, mitigated any increased risk of diabetes.

The main marker here was low amounts of glycine, aka the main component of collagen. Supplementing with collagen and increasing the intake of glycine has been shown to all but erase any link between red-meat and an increased risk of diabetes.

This is one of the many benefits of collagen that is now being reported on as this powerful source of protein and amino-acids grows in popularity.